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Virtual adoption

Virtual adoption – the perfect solution for people who love animals, want to help them, but for various reasons, can not afford to clasp one home. Virtual adoption is primarily for financial support of the selected pet. As provided by State funds, we can provide our ward food, veterinary care (including sterilization and castration, and chip), warm shack for the winter, pay for transportation costs for new homes or do the necessary research.


– Select in the “virtual dogs for adoption,” the dog, who you would like to help

– Contact us at: adopcje@psiaszansa.pl and write, the dog you are interested in. With each dog is given the amount of his monthly income (40 PLN dogs small, 60 medium and large dogs).

– Every month over money pledged (you can also make deposits every 2-3 months, once every six months, but please let us know how you make money transfers) to the account with the note “Donation and name of the dog.”

The purpose of the Foundation “Last Chance” is first of all finding homes for animals staying with us. When the dogs finds a new home, we will notify you of this and offer a one new for adoption. The site will also be pictures of your pet with a new home.

Welcome to the virtual adoption and big thank you to all current donors who support our shelter!


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