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GARDO – we will remember

09.04.2015 was very sad day for all of us. We had to say goodbye to a dog who spent probably the whole life in the shelter. The first few years GARDO has to live in a very crowded room, and most probably he was not treated very well. Since we took the shelter over, we moved him to a much smaller group and tried to work with him and to show him that not all people are bad. Unfortunately GARDO could not fully trust us and prefers to keep away from carers and volunteers. But slowly slowly GARDO showed little bit of interest of what we were doing while coming to his group. He did not enjoy being cuddled, but always ready to come for a goodie.

Since few days GARDO had problems with making a pee, we did standard checkings but it was not possible to find the reason. After bringing GARDO to a specialist, it was found that he has got a cancer of an urinary system and also problems with a back. It was not possible to heal him so we had to make a decision to put him to sleep.
During all the checkings GARDO showed himself as completely different dog – he walked on a leash, was very patient during veterinary visits and it looked like after the whole treatment we could think about looking for a responsible home for him. Unfortunately it was too late.

We will remember about you GARDO and we will still try to find good homes for your friends who stayed in Boguszyce…




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