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Kropka is looking urgently for a home!

KROPECZKA came to Boguszyce on January 2013 from Ciechanow, where she lived together with many other dogs on a farm owned by an older man. A man died and dogs were left without any help . At the beginning KROPECZKA has been very shy and distanced, scared by an unknown surrounding, stange noises, smells, people. Since two years her heart works worse and worse also a huge scale teeth does not help her to manage, but doctors refused to remove it. Today KROPECZKA was at cardiologist in Warsaw – diagnosis: mitral valve endocardiosis, the most popular heart disease of old dogs. In KROPECZKA;s case the disease is advanced and she does not have a lot of time to enjoy life… she is a very clean and calm dog, does not make any problems at home, she is quiet, sleeps most of the day, does not care about other dogs or cats, drives ok in a car, walks only for very short time and is desperately looking for a home! At the moment she is staying in a foster home in Warsaw, but can stay there only till Sunday – then she will have to come back to the shelter.
Please, help us to find a home for this darling doggie. Let’s not leave her in the shelter, she deserves to spent at least some happy moments in her life!!!!
More infos: wesi@gazeta.pl



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