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The poorest dog in the shelter PIT

PIT, very ill dog, thrown out near the petrol station. He was trying to manage by himself but luckily people working on the station saw him and phoned for help.

When he came to us we were devastated. He was half bald with inflammated and painful skin, ill ears, swollen paws etc. He was scratching all the time and it was obvious he sufferes a lot.

We immediately booked a visit at dermatologist and took him to Warsaw. He has got malasesia and lichen on the skin and also in ears. He needs to take medicines regularly and have baths every second day in special shampoo. We are waiting for blood tests results to know more.

PIT is a dream dog, he behaves perfectly whatever happens. He is great in a car, walks on a leash, is clean, well behaving while having a bath, he listens to carers and do everything we want him to do. We are sure that after all the veterinary treatment, he will not have to wait long for his new home. And we are keeping fingers crossed for his fast recovery.




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