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Foundation’s projects

Dear Friends,

The Last Chance Foundation not only runs the shelter for almost 200 homeless dogs but also prepares various projects which helps people to gain knowledge about a proper care of animals or about the importance of castration as the main way to minimilise homelessness of cats and dogs.

This is our main project which has been run since 4 years in our area. Thanks to a huge commitment of sponsors (since 2015 it is home4dogs.ch) we can regularely offer a free castration for cats and dogs in Rawa and in small villages around. Operations are done in the clinic in Rawa and every month we receive a summary of operations together with animal’s picture and owner’s datas.
In 2015 we have 215 dog who were catrated thanks to that project, in 2015 95 dogs and 41 cats benefited from the action.


Since the beginning of 2016 we take part in feeding homeless cats in Rawa area.Our coordinator, Jola, knows people who feed this poor creatures and thanks to that we know where to deliver wet and dry food which we got from our sponsors. During the Castratio Project we know where to go to castrate homeless cats and thanks to that the population will not grow every year.


Our volunteers and foundation members regularly take parts in school lessons preparing talks about homeless animals in Poland. We visit kindergardens and primary schools in Rawa and Warsaw and we talk with pupils about various topics: our shelter, ways of helping animals in need, safety, having your first dog, trainings methods etc. We believe that children education should be one of the main point of every non profit organization.

Our main activity is to run a shelter for homeless animals but we try to find time for other projects as well.

We will be very grateful for every support which you decide to send us using our bank accounts or paypal:

Account numbers
Fundacja Ostatnia Szansa
ul. Jana Blatona 3/141
01-494 Warsaw, Poland

Transfers in CHF: (SWIFT ALBPPLPW)
PL88 2490 0005 0000 4600 3522 8272

Transfers in EUR: (SWIFT ALBPPLPW)
PL65 2490 0005 0000 4600 9615 0506

paypal: pomoc@psiaszasa.pl

It will help us to provide a proper care for our animals – most of them are over 6 years old and they need a better food, more veterinary checkings, diet supplements, medicines etc. While having enough funds to run our shelter, we can invest more of our time in projects which will benefit in the future.

Thank you for all your help,


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