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Turn over 1%

Fill in personal income over the Internet using our program.

Can you help us by submitting the one percent tax – the money and donations are our source of funding for health over 340 dogs in the shelter. Thanks to the surveillance activities of 1% last year, we managed to keep the shelter, and improve the standard of the place in which there are animals such as

– We bought a new shed, which this winter has been insulated and kept cold were not as severe.

– exchanged windows, doors and walls to the shelter.

– We were able to complete sterilization of females in the shelter and continue the action of the castration of dogs

– We purchased our agents operating halls, which allowed for saving the life of a few dogs, carry out the necessary procedures, etc.

We hope that this year you also choose to assist our Foundation Shelter because we do not receive any subsidy for its operations – from March 2009, over 350 dogs and 80 cats found new homes – we hope that we can continue adopting them to a better life.


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