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This beautiful, big female came to our shelter as a very young dog, together with her two Sisters Alfa and Beta. From the beginning they always stayed together as they felt safe and could observe the whole group of dogs standing at the top of dog’s houses. Since the beginning Sisters started to be dominated by other dogs from thei place,. As they were never aggresive and never provoke any conflicts, they just moved from dog’s houses to a table in one room where they were still observing what is going on. We tried to find one home for all three of them but unfortunately couldn’t find a person who will have a place big enough and also patience for this not very open dogs. To make the taks more easy, the most open from them – Alfa – found a home separately, where she is doing very well. Now we have two sisters who would like finally to live without all the shelter noise and other dogs. They like standing at the top; of a table, of a dog’s house etc. When they are in a good mood, they may come for a short cuddle, but most of the time they just prefer not to be extremely involved in day to day live. But … who knows maybe they will change in the new surrounding. They just needs a Chance … Both Sisters are healthy, vaccinated and sterilised. Rather not very well on a leash, prefers to stay at one place, instead going on long walks.


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