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GONZO came to us in April 2016 from a place where one municipality kept their dogs. He came without a main medical treatments, he had only vaccinations agains rabies, no anti flea treatment, no deworming etc. His skin was in a very bad state – heavy inflammation and deep wounds under his never brushed fur.
And what’s more GONZO has been heavily overweight, probably because of wrong diet and lack of walks. Unfortunately his joints are never going to be fully recovered and he is never going to be 100% fit again. But – thanks to regular walks (first very short, now little bit longer) and special veterinary food for fat dogs (Obesity management), GONZO is getting slimmer. His whole fur was cut and finally skin can breath.

GONZO is app. 8 years old, he has been castrated and loves everybody. Since the beginning he walkes without a leash and was always trying not to make any problems. At the moment he is in a group together with few other big dogs and he is managing perfect there. GONZO is a kind of dog who is full of love and happiness. Whatever happens – GONZO is ok with that.

He likes being near people and going on short walks. Due to his problems with joints, walks should be really short, he would be very happy in a house with a piece of land where he could lay and enjoy the life.

If you are thinking about finding a best friend for life – contact us please on wesi@gazeta.pl




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