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SONY was a lucky guy, he was walking through villages togther with his mum. Somehow they managed to survive together, and brave mother had him with her as a puppy and later as a younger boy. They went from one house to another trying to steal something to eat … however living as homeless dogs and moving together is not easy and soon they were caught and brought to our shelter. Since the beginning they were always staying close – together they were sleeping, playing and runnnig for a cuddle. SONY;s mother AMBRA was 90% labrador and she found a home quickly. Unfortunately SONY was not so lucky, he stayed in the shelter and was very unhappy after he has been separated from his mother. For the first few days he did not want to eat and was sitting in a corner waiting for mum to come back.

SONY is app 1 year old, he is told to be born at the beginning of 2016. He loves being everywhere at one time, enjoy swimming in our small pool and is the happiest when he can go out for a walk. On a leash he behaves suprisingly well and when he does not know what we want from him, he just lays on the back, showing his belly and being cute. He is looking for a house with a garden, with an active people who will help him loose little bit of weight. SONY likes other dogs and is ok wih everybody around.

If you are interested in SONY;S adoption, let us know on wesi@gazeta.pl Our dream is to find home for SONY before end of the year …
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