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Chodaczek is app 11 years old and was born in the shelter. Most of his life he spent in a group of more than 150 dogs where he was the smallest. It was not easy for this tiny doggie, especially at the beginning. Lots of the time he had to fight for food, for attention, for a place on a blanket. Finally he stopped fighting and decided to close himself in his world. For years he did not appreciate any contact with people and whenever someone tried to come nearby and cuddle him, he showed teeth and tried to snap.
Finally in October 2015 he was moved to foster home … for the first two weeks any contact with Chodaczek was impossible. He accepted harness on himself and the need to go for a walk but beside that he slept in the corridor and was not interested in anything what was going on around.
Slowly, slowly he opened little bit and every day makes a progress … it was not easy for a dog like him – who spent the whole life in the shelter and did not know any other surrounding. And everything was new – being in a car, stairs, lift, regular walks, possibility to sleep longer etc etc.
For now on – Chodaczek is only perfect. He walks on a leash, is clean and if he needs immediately to go out, he asks for it. He prefers to eat wet food, cottage cheese or eggs and when he is not pleased with a meal in the bowl he shows it by throwing everything (luckily it is not happening often but at the beginning he went through the phase to test how many various meals can appear in the bowl if he will refuse to eat what was prepared first).
He has been castrated, microchipped and vaccinated, he ia also regularly dewormed and in December 2015 his scale teeth has been removed.
Chodaczek is living together with one more dog and ignores him. The same is while we are on a walk – he is not interested in other dogs, but it is understandable as he has been living with many for years.
Chodaczek likes calm and slow life, he has got his rhytm and enjoys when everything is in order. Even on walks he likes to go every day the same path, not very long.
If you are interested in Chodaczek’s adoption, contact us please on wesi@gazeta.pl
We prefer to rehome him to a home without children (he does not like being cuddled too much) and to people who does not work full time.

We hope that he will not have to wait long for his new home!


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