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Future was brought to us on 6th July 2013 by a couple who found her in Nowe Miasto municipality, abandonded in a forrest. She was very weak, was not able to walk, but not aggresive at all and so they packed her to the car and tried to get help. Future is app 8 years old, middle size, has got lots of tumours on both mammary glands.. Eyes inflammation is the only thing which we can heal now by using special drips.  At the moment she is getting vitamins and special diet, we all keep fingers crossed for her. She is very easy and cuddly dog. Unfortunately x-ray showed that Future has got caner in lungs and so no possibility for operations. She is getting the best care we can organize, veterinary controls and thanks to donator – a special dry food for dogs with cancer illnesses. We hope to give Future as much love as possible …


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