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Our beloved Roki one week before going to a new home, he stopped walking and had incredibly pain in the back. We went on rtg and later MRI, which showed 3 hernias pushing on back nerves and a tumour inside … the operation was not possible, so we had to make a painful decision to put him down. Goodbye ROKI … we hope you are going to have a better life.

Roki is app 7 years old, castrated male who came to Boguszyce more than 3 years ago. His biggest problems are skin allergies (most probably atopic skin inflammation) and bacterias in ears (pseudomonas sp very difficult, almost impossible to heal), at the moment Roki’s skin in well, we are still fighting with his ears problems. Roki took part in training program Fajny ale Bezdomny Pies where he was taught how to walk on leash, sit and concentate on a person. He was such a great student than on 30th of June 2013 he went together with Zephir on Competition which they both finished on time. After the Competition we know that Roki is perfect in a car, has got no problems being in a crowd, the only thing – Roki does not like cats and is trying to chase him all the time.


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